Borussia Dortmund players doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"We are a family."
Hockey AU- taking pity on the Leafs fanbase, an angel by the name of James Reimer is sent down to help their stanley cup efforts. Being the embodiment of satan, Carlyle doesn’t take well to this and has trouble adjusting to the newest addition to his roster.

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And yet welcome to the most recent installment of The Pink Board Shorts…[x]

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jadson’s entry to the go pro challenge during the billabong pro tahiti

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tyler seguin at day three of biosteel camp (◕‿◕)

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But…I would like to go to the beach too.

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28 Days Until the 2014-15 NHL Preseason Begins

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Kolohe, living the Tahitian dream.

Photo: Ryan Miller

A 23 year old Martin Brodeur mic’d up at the NHL All Star Game